Fan Art


Armani is one of the betas for Shy, and did a lot of work on the Tweeters, a sub-species of the Masked. She's been gone a lot recently and we miss her lots!


Ben is supreme head beta supreme 2000 and made this site! He specializes in sprites and Crazy Shit. He also made puppets of the shy characters and sent them to Shea and Lumi for Christmas!


Blinky the Red replied to a post Lumi made in Gaia about Shy, back when it was first starting up. She ended up helping out with the yoshies a LOT, and did some other concept drawings for us!


Dark forte

Dark Forte is a member of the oekaki board where Shy started. She did this comic about a lakitu before we had even designed the lakitus.


Hayvel is a member of Shea's oekaki board and probably one of Shy's biggest fans.



Kat is a member of Shea's oekaki and drew this picture to make fun of Lumi for not colouring a sword's hilt one time


Kat~ helped out with a lot of concept drawings when Shy was first starting! Two of her characters actually ended up in the story, though in slightly edited forms.


Merri and Luminance are part of the same image-posting community, and Merri drew this picture in a reply of one thread. Though not technically fan art, we loved how she portrayed Satoru, so we are posting it here for all to see!


MSG was one of the first betas for Shy, and helped make a LOT of the character designs. We use her Kamek and an edited version of her Bowser.


Musician heard about Shy while on a college exchange and staying at Lumi's apartment. The character you see in his pictures was being used in the game he made at the workshop.


Navie is a member of the oekaki board where Shy started, and drew some beautiful pictures of Satoru and Kaito, some of the first fan art we ever recieved.


Renkin Wizard is a beta for Shy, and a Kisho fangirl. She gets the award for most fan art, with thirty pictures.


Riot Royale is Lumi's roommate, a member of the oekaki and a beta reader. Her exposure to Shy consists mainly of Lumi talking about it nonstop and/or making fun of Kaito


Seikou is a member of the oekaki board where Shy started. She also wrote our first fanfiction!


Snapdragon is a member of the oekaki where Shy started, and briefly had a battle with Renkin wizard over who "got" Kisho.

Sugar kat

Sugar Kat drew this shyguy on the oekaki board. It's become quite popular among the artists there to make Shy!versions of their avatars.


Tengai is a member of Shea's oekaki and made this picture of himself as a bandit.


Thanatos is the world's best artist. Her art shocks and awes everyone with its complete mastry of light, colour, and form. We are honoured to host her masterpieces on our site and hope that one day she gives us something she's actually put effort into XD


We have no idea who did this picture of a snifit! If you did it please tell us!


Zaph is a beta for Shy and does some amazing concept art for us! She created Tatsuya and has done sketches of Boshi, Bowser, and an unnamed magikoopa, as well as some awesome stuff of the other characters.