Name: Umeko
Age: 66
Race: Koopa
Class: Mage
Appearance: Ume is extremely small for a koopa, a fact that her Masked friends are kind enough to point out. She is of an average build, with short orange hair and blue eyes behind thick round glasses.
Personality: Sharp, cunning, and dignified. She knows exactly how to talk to people to get what she wants, whether that means threatening, flattering, or lying to them. She is high koopa nobility, making her place in the hierarchy above most people she knows, but she doesn't see the point of acting condescending to them, so long as they treat her with the proper respect.
Backstory: Ume met Nori when Nori was a young child and Ume had just finished her Magikoopa apprenticeship. Though it's rather uncommon for koopas to have Masked people as friends and visa versa, Umeko had never met anyone quite like Nori, so she kept in touch.