Name: Satoru of Amamura
Age: 36
Race: Masked
Class: Shyguy
Appearance: Satoru is very athletic; as a low-ranking shyguy he has worked very hard for everything he has and his sinuous build reflects this. He's a bit tall for one of the Masked, and has a confident feel to his posture and speech. Satoru has messy black hair and shockingly blue eyes.
Personality: Satoru is manic in the sense that he spends most of his time seemingly fairly dimwitted (but pleasant), and yet has moments of great brilliance. He is both sharp and dull, sophisticated and uncouth, relaxed and rigid, all at once. He possesses a duality that his closest friends find both fascinating and frustrating. He also has a bad habit of forgetting his place in life.
Backstory: Satoru works at a charm shop in Amamura, which is run by an old healer (or witch, if you believe rumours) named Emi. Nori goes to the shop often and Satoru got to know her through her regular business there. Kaito and Satoru met around six years ago, and quickly became best friends. Even though Satoru works the majority of daylight hours, Kaito will lounge around the shop all day long without buying anything, so they can spend their time together after the workday is over.