Name: Nori of Hyras
Age: 27
Race: Masked
Class: Bandit
Appearance: Nori has the small, slender build ideal for a bandit, as well as the speed and agility necessary for her line of work. She has short, curly light-blonde hair and light blue eyes. Nori's robes are a reddish pink color, and slightly large on her in order to cover her long arms properly. She also wears bells around her arms and neck, tied with white ribbons. She has strings of bells on her belt and boots, for good luck.
Personality: Nori is optimistic, friendly, and extremely superstitious, as well as a huge gossip- but she means well for the most part. Unlike Kisho, she still feels guilt for the "honourable" murders bandits are expected to commit.
Backstory: Nori was born to a family of flyguys, and is the first in her line to possess bandit magic. She was permitted to bypass the green glove class entirely when she came of age and was given a bandit mask, making her family incredibly proud of her. She met Kisho the day of the binding ceremony, and idol-worships him somewhat. On a shopping trip in Amamura, she met Satoru-- a local working in a charm shop. Through him, she was introduced to his best friend, Kaito.