Name: Kisho of Hyras
Age: 48
Race: Masked
Class: Bandit
Appearance: Kisho is very tall for a member of the Masked race, though he is admittedly narrower than most. He has dark blue hair that is just past shoulder length, blue eyes, and rather long features.
Personality: Kisho is snobbish, simply put. Apart from Umeko, Kisho ranks highest in the party and LOVES it. His attitude is not without reason, though, he is both intelligent and talented. He has no remorse for the many murders he's committed, instead he lives for the bandit's raids. Most of the time, however, he keeps his bloodlust in check.
Backstory: Kisho is a Lord of the village Hyras. He was born into a family of zeus guys, but chose at his coming-of-age to take a bandit mask. He and Nori are in the same raiding party, and are pretty good friends, but Kisho's arrogant nature keeps a lot of people from getting too close to him.