Name: Kano of Celestheria
Age: 20
Race: Masked
Class: Shyguy
Appearance: While Kano is young, and considerably younger than the rest of the party, she is still small for her age. She is alarmingly pale, and has similarly light silver-colored hair, cut short and slightly curled. She has large, bright red eyes and soft rounded features. Her robes are far too big on her, hand-me-downs from her older brother.
Personality: Even though she's come of age, Kano still possesses a lot of childish naïveté and optimism. She is an extremely charismatic person, and it's very hard to not be taken in by her happy attitude and charm. She also has the misfortune of being more good-aligned than evil when everyone around her is a borderline monster; the concept of murder terrifies her, let alone being the one committing it.
Backstory: Kano is Kaito's younger (and only) sister. Despite their age difference, they bear a strong resemblance to each other, appearance-wise. Kano is barely old enough to have her mask, and Kaito was shocked that she would be old enough to be sent to Yoshi's Island along with the rest of the Masked forces. Kano left her unit and quickly sought out her brother to help him. While she isn't much use in battle, Kano is probably one of the more naturally intelligent members of the party.