Name: Kaito of Celestheria
Age: 34
Race: Masked
Class: Shyguy
Appearance: Kaito is of average height and build for his race. He's rather unnaturally pale, with light silvery hair and red eyes. He holds himself with better posture than most, and has the appearance of someone who is calmly in control.
Personality: Kaito is very intelligent for his race and class, but a bit too reserved for it to do him much good. Even when Kai might be the most qualified for a task, he will alllow the higher-ranking Kisho handle it instead. While on the surface he appears calm, and even somewhat shy, Kaito has a wicked and destructive streak in him. However, he finds it easy to keep his bloodlust in check when his sister is around.
Backstory: Satoru is Kaito's best (and seemingly, only) friend. He met Nori through Satoru, and the world through Nori.