About Us

Name: Shea of Providence
Age: 20
Race: Human
Class: Starving College Student
Appearance: Shea is of average height and size for a human (okay, a little on the short side). She has brown hair and red bangs, and hopes her hairdresser will call her back soon. She has brown eyes, except she ran out of clear contacts and now has one blue eye (left). She is pale, like any geek properly should be.
Personality: Shea is for the most part cheery and friendly- even airheaded. She is very passionate about everything and has a big mouth that will one day get her punched in the face. She is lazy and easily distracted. She would stay up all night drawing and playing video games if she wasn't dragged off to bed.
Backstory: Shea is a full time college student at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. She works in the University Office of Publications, and babysits at night. Between her day job and night job, she does web comission work for Bridge Technical Solutions. She is Very Busy. Shea is also somewhat mad (the crazy kind). One day, after way too much 'artists block' she drew up Satoru for the first time, and Shy sort of blossomed from there. She soon met her partner-in-crime, Lumi, and they solemnly swore that for the next seven years they would work hard and finish Shy in all of it's ridiculously-long glory.

Name: Luminance of Portland (Lumi for short)
Age: 19
Race: Human
Class: Slave College student. Questing for prestige class: animator.
Appearance: Lumi is pretty much average in every way. She has shoulder-length brownish hair and blueish eyes. She has awful vision and wears alternately glasses or contacts, depending on what's clean and available.
Personality: Lumi is probably more sarcastic than is generally needed most of the time, which ends up making her a lot of friends and a lot of enemies. She's very serious about her art and school, but is a horrible procrastinator and video game addict, so generally ends up doing her finals and finishing a game at the same time. Lumi has the attention span of a retarded goldfish with ADD and tends to use "XD" instead of punctuation when online.
Backstory: Lumi is a student at DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA, and is in her sophomore year, studying to receive her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts of Production Animation. She has wanted to do a webcomic for upwards of a year now, but finally got around to it when she met Shea on an oekaki board and was introduced to Satoru. She would love to finish Shy, translate it into Japanese, animate a few episodes, and make a video game about it, but chances are she'll get bored before then and have to be dragged back by promises of Satoru/Kaito slash.